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Find out more about the MS Ventures Accelerator!

Are you a Canadian startup?  You might have missed the open application call for Microsoft Venture’s Seattle Accelerator.  Or maybe you just want to know more before submitting an application.

Good news.

We’ll be running information sessions with pizza and beverages in the following locations:

The focus of this cohort is machine learning.  If you’re running a startup that uses data science or machine learning, then you should apply.

And if you’re uncertain about the benefits, check these out.

  • Access to our facility in Seattle, the cloud capital of the world
  • Warm introductions to top Microsoft customers
  • Connection to a network of investors, influencers and industry-leading mentors
  • Access to Azure Engineering Team, including ML experts
  • ‘Equity free’ program, $25K no-strings attached grant
  • $500K Azure credits!


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