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bitHound wants to help you write better code.

You may have seen last Monday’s announcement that Kitchener-based bitHound has taken $2 million in investment, led by Michael Wekerle. Monday afternoon I dropped by bitHound’s offices to meet with two of bitHound’s co-founders Dan Silivestru and Gord Tanner, and find out what all the excitement was about.

bitHound’s value proposition is pretty simple. To quote from bitHound’s cofounder and CEO, Dan Silivestru:

“It’s not hard to write code. But it is hard to write high-quality, maintainable software. Our goal is to become a trusted member of a development team, providing valuable insights and actionable recommendations leading to great software.”

The demo I saw was still pretty early stage, but it made it very clear the ambitions of the company. Through code analysis, they want to provide a roadmap for a software solution’s quality to both developers and management.

As Dan explained, bitHound’s engine considers diverse factors like code complexity, how often code in a particular file is touched, bug density and other factors in order to ascertain the quality of the code. bitHound can then point out potential trouble spots to developers. Currently, this product is available to JavaScript developers, hosted on GitHub, and looking to improve code quality, increase delivery cadence and reduce the number of bug encounters. Developers can sign up for early beta access today. In the future, bitHound will also be able to deliver insights such as the likelihood of on time delivery by considering factors such as the newness of the code versus the historical accuracy of prior estimates.

Lofty goals, but if achieved, immensely valuable.

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