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Pent up demand for Playbook Applications?

Want proof of pent-up demand for Blackberry Playbook applications?  Announced in March, and reportedly due to be available later this year, an early beta of the Playbook Android Player was inadvertently made available for a short time on Blackberry.com yesterday.  RIM pulled the software, and issued a statement telling people not to use it, but not before a group of developers on Crackberry.com grabbed it and started testing every Android app they could get their hands on.  What you can see from the conversation on Crackberry.com is that although the leaked code is an early beta, many Android applications worked immediately.

Don’t feel like hacking your Playbook to see what Android Player looks like?  No problem.  The Crackberry team has helpfully posted the following video so you don’t have to.

Source: Crackberry.com

Are you excited?  I am.

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