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Three reasons bringing the Qualcomm AR toolkit to non-Qualcomm platforms makes sense.

I like Qualcomm’s latest move, bringing their augmented reality developers toolkit to iPhone, even though the iPhone doesn’t use any Qualcomm chips.  It’s smart business, for three reasons:

  1. Qualcomm understands that software tools and platforms that work with a single hardware platform have a limited market.  On Windows, would you write for the Direct X API or the native graphics chipset API?  Answer: DirectX.  Qualcomm is trying to control the future AR consumer experience by controlling the tool set used to create that experience.  In doing so, they can advantage their own chipsets.
  2. Qualcomm is making it easier for developers to make a living using their tool set.  By enlarging the market for the developers products, they’re making the use of the Qualcomm tool set more attractive.
  3. Qualcomm is also creating a future potential customer in Apple. Apple may not buy Qualcomm’s chips today, but hopefully they will if Qualcomm can become a dominant graphics software supplier on the iPhone handset.

Someone’s thinking in San Diego.

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  • Bernard François November 23, 2011, 7:43 am

    Being primarily an iPhone user, reading this makes me curious about how Qualcomm's chips could actually enhance games using Augmented Reality technology – but perhaps it's a bit early for this, as the first killer app or game using AR technology still needs to be developed…

    Here at PreviewLabs – a company specialized in rapid prototyping for video games – we're constantly looking at new technologies that we may use in our prototyping services. One of these was Qualcomm's AR toolkit for android in the Unity3D engine. Our findings resulting from this research can be read in the following blog post: http://www.previewlabs.com/augmented-reality-our-

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