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The Twitter Trap and the “AOL-ization” of the New York Times

For a couple of years now part of my morning routine has been coffee, news, and sharing interesting articles I find on my twitter feed.  It’s good for the content creators, and a good way to start a conversation with people who share interests similar to mine.

In the beginning I built a complicated system that fed into my Delicious.com account, and then forwarded on to twitter, facebook, and other social media that I use. More recently, I haven’t needed that.  Web sites everywhere are now deploying “tweet this” buttons, which makes sharing dead simple. 

imageThe New York Times, unfortunately, seems bent on a return to 1995. Once-upon-a-time the Times let people freely read and share their online content.  Recently, however, they’ve erected a pay-wall, and now they’ve even erected a “share-wall”.  You see, although you can share their content using the twitter button on their site, you have to actually create a NY Times account, and log-in before doing so. 

Like I said – bent on a return to 1995.  It’s the “AOL-ization” of the New York Times.

(The article I was trying to share was The Twitter Trap.  Worth a read.)

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