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Death to comment spammers! The move to Facebook comments.

Having re-launched Saunderslog, I’m now making a few tweaks.  First and foremost is a move to the Facebook comment system.  Facebook launched the commenting system, which requires commentors to be logged into Facebook or a partner site, in March of this year. For a webmaster, it has two key benefits:

  1. It increases the social reach of postings by cross posting comments to readers Facebook news feeds.
  2. It eliminates spam comments by requiring a valid login before a comment can be left.

I’m primarily interested in the latter benefit.  Since starting this blog in 2002, I’ve logged millions of comment spams.  Many of them were eliminated by WordPress’ built-in comment spam filter, Akismet.  However, many had to be manually handled by me.   It’s my hope that the Facebook comment system will eliminate those problems.

For those interested, I’m using Alex Moss’ Facebook Comments plug-in.  It was quick and easy to install, and seems to do the job.

Death to comment spammers!

UPDATE: Negative feedback from a few folks that I really respect has convinced me to abandon Facebook comments.  In its place, I have installed Intense Debate, which has the added advantage of allowing twitter based logins.

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