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Riding out the storm

A couple of days ago one of our competitors sent out email to their customer base.  The pitch?  Stay home through the winter storm engulfing most of North America, and meet on a conference call instead.

Clever, no?  And indeed, we had a record breaking day yesterday ourselves, as we completed more conference calls on any day in our company history.

It got me thinking about what a great business opportunity natural disasters are for companies that bill by the minute for conferencing services.  After all, if our competitors’ bill rate is $0.10/min, and customers decide to hold, say, 5 extra four person meetings on conference calls because of a snow day, that could easily amount to $120 in windfall revenue.

As you know, Calliflower doesn’t bill that way.  The wholesale cost of telecom is so low, that we can afford to deliver flat rate local dial conferencing.  And so we do.  We pass our wholesale savings onto the customer.  Despite the heavy usage, yesterday we didn’t make any extra money.   Some people would argue that’s a lost a opportunity, but to me that’s vindication that we’ve got the right model.

So, how much could you save on a flat rate conferencing plan?

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