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Which phone manufacturer will team up with Sony or Nintendo?

Xbox Live logo since 2005
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Microsoft has finally announced the Xbox Live titles that will be available on Windows Phone 7, and according long time Microsoft watcher Mary-Jo Foley, the company has said that games will be front and center for the Windows 7 platform.  Marrying the successful XBOX franchise to Windows Phone is clearly an attempt to counter the success that Apple has had with games on iPhone. It helps that the games look pretty cool too.

Provided the XBOX experience doesn’t interfere with business use of the phone (Microsoft’s traditional franchise), it’s a strategy that might work. Tens of millions of XBOX’s have been sold, and Microsoft has a devoted and hardcore fanbase who might flock to Windows Phone 7 as a result.

If successful, expect to see competitors in the smartphone space quickly form alliances with Sony and Nintendo, the other two giants of the gaming space. RIM? Nokia?  Or perhaps Google has a play with Android?

What do you think?

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