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Saunderslog moves. Welcome to my new home!

In 2002 I started writing the eponymous Saunderslog.com. It was a grand experiment in writing, and I had fantasized about being a writer since high school.  Saunderslog.com allowed me to comment, be opinionated, controversial, thoughtful, silly, and at times, I hope, insightful.  It was a creative outlet the likes of which I hadn’t had in many many years, and the reception was wonderful.  At one point, we crested past 180,000 visitors in a single month.

Over the last year my personal writing has taken a backseat to running the Calliflower conferencing service.  Not only that, as a sometimes contributor to the very very good Voyces blog, I’ve been torn between the three “writing assignments” on my plate – Calliflower.com, Saunderslog.com and Voyces.com. All three have suffered, as I’ve personally taken on too much.

As of today, like many founders and CEO’s in the tech world, I’m moving my personal blog onto the site of my primary business.  Saunderslog.com is becoming a feature of Calliflower.com.  In consolidating with Calliflower, I hope to be able to write about the issues that I see in the voice market, the business insights I’ve previously offered, and the issues that we face on a day to day business running our service.  At the same time I want to continue to write about my personal passions – travel, wine, the outdoors, photography, and so on, that have been the hallmarks of the old Saunderslog.  In doing so, I’m inviting our customers to get to know me better, and to participate in the dialog about our business.

Shortly www.saunderslog.com will be redirected via a “301 Permanent Redirect”, and cease to exist.  You won’t have to do anything to find me in my new home.  The magic of the web will simply take you here.  And, I hope you’ll join me on a regular basis as we go forward on this adventure in the world of new voice and internet technologies.


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  • Dan York July 23, 2010, 11:51 am


    Wow! Quite the big step! Congrats on taking the leap.

    While I understand your rationale as the CEO of Calliflower to bring your writing over here, I'm not entirely sure I would have made the same move (but then again, I'm not a CEO 😉 ). Oh, I completely get the feeling of being pulled in too many directions for writing and feeling that you were neglecting them all. I recently did an experiment (chronicled at http://bit.ly/9LRqld ) where I took one day and wrote at least one post on ALL the blogs at which I am currently writing – turns out that is 14 sites!

    So I completely get the need to focus your writing – I'm just more surprised because of the brand you built over the years around Saunderslog.com and, I would imagine, the SEO value of all that many years of content, too.

    In any event, congrats on the move and hope it works out well for you over here!

    Best wishes,

    • Alec July 25, 2010, 12:18 pm

      Thanks Dan. I think it will be a good move. I'm sure I'll be able to comment a little more in a few weeks though.

  • Dan York July 23, 2010, 11:52 am

    P.S. Nice picture! 😉

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