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You’re Welcome, Skype!

I always feel a little smug when our band of smart developers helps out one of our really big partners.  Today’s “recipient of our largesse” is none other than Skype.  Late last week Jim Courtney noticed that the CalliflowerSkype link wasn’t working any more.  We alerted Skype.  They had just upgraded their SIP servers it turns out, and the upgrade had broken our connection to Skype.

Frankly, it had me sweating bullets, as our conferencing bridge is an older piece of gear and I wondered if Skype was simply using a newer iteration of the SIP standard that our equipment didn’t support.  That would have been a nightmare.

It turned out to be a simple misconfiguration, which one of our resident smart guys tracked down and reported back to Skype.  They made the change on their end, and CalliflowerSkype is back up and running again this morning.

Good for them, good for us, good for you!

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