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I’m sleeping in the bathroom these days.

No, I’m not in trouble with my wife and I don’t have to sleep in the tub, but thank you for asking.

We’re simply painting our bedroom, which involves moving all of the furniture to the center of the room, taping, painting and then moving the furniture back to where it belongs.  It’s a big job, and while we’re doing it we needed somewhere to sleep. Our crazily huge ensuite bathroom turns out to be large enough to temporarily hold a queen size bed quite comfortably.  It has some of the charm of camping, but in your own house.

The other big rebuild project I’ve got on the go at the moment is the Calliflower web site at www.calliflower.com. It’s now nearly two years old, and well beyond needing a few cosmetic lifts.  Plus, we’ve got a big new release coming in the near future, and we want to signal via large scale changes in the web site, that something new has launched.  It’s time to gut the house and go for a complete remodel.

We’re abandoning Drupal for this project, and doing the rebuild on WordPress with the Thesis ThemeLuca Filigheddu (one of the many voices in the VoIP world that I hope to catch up with at next week’s eComm in San Francisco) suggested I give it a try.  Luca tells me that most of Abbeynet’s sites are built on WordPress, and many lately have been built on the WordPress + Thesis combination.

It’s ridiculously easy to create a good looking site with Thesis.  I had an initial framework up and running in a few hours Saturday afternoon, populated it with some content on Sunday, and I’m now working through the final parts of the build over the next couple of days.  Best of all, it was mostly drag and drop or “fill in the blanks” development work, with almost no coding.

Springtime is a time for rebuilding websites, repainting bedrooms and new directions.  If you’ve been thinking about attending eComm next week, which is a great place to learn about new directions if you’re in the communications industry, then use the code AlecSaunders on your registration form to get 10% off.  And look me up when you get there – I’ll be at the show from Sunday afternoon to Tuesday evening.

And I’m looking forward to sleeping in a bedroom – even if it is a hotel room – rather than a bathroom.

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  • Dan York April 20, 2010, 1:52 pm


    I've not used the Thesis theme, but I definitely agree that it's easy to use WordPress as a CMS for websites. I use WordPress MU, the multi-user version (that is being merged in with the main code base), for http://blogs.voxeo.com/ and we've then used domain mapping and a different theme to make alternate sites like http://labs.voxeo.com/moho and http://blog.tropo.com/ – makes it super easy to spin up new sites and give them custom themes.

    I look forward to seeing the new Calliflower.com!


  • Greg April 23, 2010, 9:51 pm

    I've completed one major corporate redesign using Wordpress and a select few plugins. One of the advantages of Thesis is that they've moved some of the handier plugins to the theme itself.

    At the end of the day, Thesis was not for me. But I suspect your team will find that working with WP and Thesis was a good choice.

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