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iPad “soars” on Boingo

There’s nothing like a good hack hook to grab media attention.  The latest news from Boingo Wireless does exactly that.  Reading iPad Now Second Most Popular Mobile WiFi Device in Boingo Airports, Apple’s Latest Market Changer Surpasses Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, the implication is that the four day old iPad is on such a tear that it has already garnered a dominant position on the Boingo network.  That impression is further reinforced by Boingo CEO Dave Hagan’s comment.  He says   “It’s stunning how quickly the iPad has established itself as a force in Wi-Fi.  After four days in market, it is already being more widely used than other Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices that have moved millions of units.”

And the best part?  It’s all true.

What you find out as you read further into the release is that nearly 90% of Boingo Mobile usage is iPhone, iPad accounts for 5.4%, and the rest is Android, BlackBerry and so on.  This release is more about about the abject failure of Apple’s competitors to carve out market share than anything else.

iPad may still turn out to be a game changer.  Just not in 4 paltry days.

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