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FREETALK Connect ecosystem forms

An ecosystem of partners has started to coalesce around the FREETALK Connect platform, announced yesterday.  Simultaneous with the unveiling of the device, FREETALK announced the FREETALK Connect Alliance, a consortium of industry players offering products and services that interoperate with the FREETALK Connect has formed.  Initial members include:

And although not formally a member of the FREETALK Connect Alliance, Aastra is also building devices that interoperate with FREETALK.  Last week at Jazinga’s offices in Toronto, I was shown an IP handset with a color screen capable of displaying the user’s Skype buddy list and presence information.

So why is this important? Note the number of players offering services that exist in the voice cloud.  FREETALK Connect is not just a company selling an interesting PBX.  It’s an interesting PBX that comes with a group of ready-made add-on services that can easily integrate.  Applications are the name of the game, and FREETALK Connect has ‘em.

Naturally, we’re proud that iotum and Calliflower is one of the founding members.

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