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IfByPhone buys Cloudvox, launches cloud telephony platform.

Irv Shapiro’s IfByPhone is an interesting company to watch.  Focused on automating sales, marketing and business processes for it’s customers, IfByPhone has grown by leaps and bounds by offering simple voice based applications that enhance small and medium businesses sales.  It’s a pretty simple idea – help your customers grow their sales, and you’ll grow your own.

Today IfByPhone announced the acquisition of Seattle-based CloudVox. The move addresses a significant gap in IfByPhone’s offering – customizability — by giving customers the ability to easily create their own applications that leverage the IfByPhone infrastructure.  Cloudvox is open telephony in the cloud. According to Shapiro:

“Cloudvox provides multi-tenent Asterisk 1.6 hosting, with full support for AGI and AMI in a hosted environment.  Build any Asterisk AGI/AMI applications, using any programming language,  for example Adhearsion, and then just point it at the Ifbyphone Cloudvox service to gain access to carrier grade telephony with expansive capacity.

Unlike Twilio or Tropo, Cloudvox applications are fully portable and will run on any Asterisk server. This is really the magic.  The combination of Cloudvox and Ifbyphone provide an Amazon EC2 style of environment to developers building telephone applications.”

It’s an important business move for IfByPhone, as until now the growth of their business would have been constrained by their ability to crank out new applications to meet customer demand.  With the Asterisk-based CloudVox platform, legions of telecom developers can now do that on behalf of IfByPhone.

Shapiro is quoted in the acquisition announcement saying “Businesses can rent an existing application from us and tightly integrate their business with that app. Or they can now use Cloudvox to build their own portable, open application from scratch and still take advantage of our cloud infrastructure and phone expertise.”

That’s Voice 2.0 business, and a nice position to own in the market. 

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