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FREETALK Connect, the worlds first Skype-enabled Unified Communications system.

Fellow Canuck Randy Busch scored big today.  His company Jazinga has partnered with FREETALK to deliver FREETALK Connect, a full featured unified communications solution for small business. Announced at ITEXPO in Miami, this is the first UC system to feature Skype for SIP and Skype for Asterisk functionality. 

I’ve written about Jazinga’s appliances in the past.  These magic boxes combine telephony, WiFi access, and routing in a single unit, targeted at small business.  When first connected, they discover IP phones on the network, and self configure through the use of a clever wizard.  They truly are IP Telephony for Dummies the Rest of Us products.

FREETALK Connect enlarges upon Jazinga’s core functionality by adding Skype Buddy Lists, and the ability to connect to Skype for SIP and Skype for Asterisk services.  With FREETALK Connect, Skype can become the IP telephony service provider for any small business, saving hundreds of dollars in access and termination charges.  Moreover, small businesses can now receive calls directly from the half billion Skype users around the world.  This is a sure winner!

Today is an important day for Jazinga, FREETALK, and Skype — who have just received a strong endorsement of their push into small business. And possibly, it was an even bigger day for the IP Telephony ecosystem.  Skype brought a sea change to consumer telephony, and is now poised to do the same to business.

UPDATE:  More from Jim Courtney, who absolutely loves the product.

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