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Will slate devices spell the death of the netbook?

What a difference a couple of years makes.  Before iPhone came along, the world of touch screen devices was moribund – confined to tablet PC’s with pens and not much else.  Today, fingertip driven UI’s are the rage, and the enthusiasm for touch devices generated by the launch of iPhone continues unabated. Consider the following stories currently headlining techmeme:

All of that without a mention of Apple’s mysterious tablet device, which has been rumoured for months now.

It begs a question, naturally, which is “What is the future of the netbook?”.  An enthusiastic netbook user, myself, I wonder whether I might instead substitute a slate if a suitable one were available.  After all, netbook’s are most useful for simple email, web browsing, presentation display and the like. Couldn’t a slate fulfill a similar purpose?  I already find myself reading a substantial amount on the tiny iPhone display – more so today than on my HP Mini netbook.  Would I read even more on a device with a larger and sharper screen which incorporated natural page-turn gestures?

Food for thought, eh?

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  • Mitch Brisebois January 7, 2010, 2:30 pm

    Following through on that, if you'd read even more on a decent slate, you'd be reading less on your iPhone. Are all the iPhone wannabes missing the curve?

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