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The 2010 roll-up starts

Yesterday Seesmic bought Ping.fm, and Critical Path bought Shozu.  Speaking as a user of Seesmic, Shozu, and Ping.fm I could comment on synergies, but that’s not the really interesting story here.  Since the summer, conversations about “consolidation” and “roll-ups” have been rumbling in the communications industry.  These two events are the beginnings of some application roll-ups around social networking systems.  Seesmic is broadening the reach of it’s services to over 50 other social networks.  Critical Path is taking it’s core identity assets, and carrier relationships and adding applications to sell to the carrier.

Congratulations to all four companies on being out ahead of this trend.  For the companies that survived 2009, 2010 will be an interesting dance as boards and CEO’s figure out whether they are buyers or sellers.  Some, like Seesmic and Critical Path, have already made that determination.

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