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Voxygen’s revolutionary “Caller ID” application

Here at eComm, the last demo of the conference is one of the most impressive.  Voxygen’s “next generation Caller ID” revolutionizes customer service by linking actions on a web site to a click to call button.  The example they showed included a customer who browsed a camera shopping website, filled in a form for a call back, and then received a call from the customer service rep.  At the call center, the representative received demographic and caller information, plus an entire history of what the customer had been browsing on the site, and up-sale tips. Result: A better and faster customer experience, with more revenue for the vendor, and lower costs.

The technology operates by assigning a unique temporary number to each support incident, and then attaching the information collected from the web site to the information popped onto the screen when the call center agent answers.

The commercial implications are obvious, but what about applications in support, learning, and coaching?  The possibilities are endless.  This is a winner for sure.

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  • dean collins October 30, 2009, 10:00 am

    I know Tim was doing soemthing liek this for his mexuar application before he formed Phonefromhere.com – i dont think anything along these lines are 'revolutionary'.

  • zipdroid November 1, 2009, 8:27 am

    It seems like it should allow vendors to have a button that uses your Michael and speakers to initiate a coop call to a sales Rep or customer service or something.

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