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Get your inner entrepreneur on at the Ottawa Startup Bootcamp

The Ottawa Network is hosting a Startup Bootcamp this weekend at the University of Ottawa.  The idea?  Get together with like minded people, design and prototype a business, and pitch it… between Friday evening and Sunday evening. 

The most promising proposal wins $5,000 in seed funding, when they incorporate and start the business within 45 days of the competition.

From the website:

“The event will place 75-100 people into functional business teams around ideas for businesses. The participants, composed of developers, business managers, start-up enthusiasts, marketing gurus, accountants, lawyers, graphic artists and other roles will work together during the week end. At the end of 54 hours, they will have turned a business idea into a business plan ready to start on the Monday. A review panel at the end of Sunday’s presentation’s will determine which of the opportunities is the best developed and award a prize of $5,000 as the first seed money to start the business (e.g. incorporation costs, start a website, etc.). Similar networking events have evolved very successfully in other parts of North America with this one being the first in Ottawa.”

Lots of developer and biz dev tickets have been sold, but the business teams are still going to need folks from the financial, legal and operations disciplines.  If you’ve got an interest in starting a company with like minded folks, then hustle on over to the Ottawa Network, check out the event, and buy a ticket

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