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Calliflower Supercharged

Since its launch last year Calliflower has captured a base of customers who use our service to run events – multi-person podcasts, distance learning sessions, teleseminars, coaching calls, and more. Our unique mash-up of a web based dashboard and collaboration tool with the humble conference call has captured the imaginations of these folks.  They’ve found that Calliflower calls are more engaging, intimate and effective than an ordinary conference call.  Plus, Calliflower’s pricing makes it the hands down winner when compared to more traditional tools.  As a result, we’ve had people host calls ranging from weight management seminars, to author interviews, press conferences and more – a huge spectrum of uses! 

Today’s Calliflower update is for those customers.  We’re announcing the following new capabilities:

  • Simple Sign-in to enable those that aren’t subscribers to Calliflower to easily join events powered by the service.
  • A new Co-Moderator feature which enables one-click sharing or changing of moderators while meetings are in progress. The feature can be used in calls where multiple participants need the floor to give presentations or where one user presents while another manages the ongoing call.  Now one person can conduct an interview with a guest, and the other can manage interactions with the audience!
  • A new Recurring Call Scheduling feature enables event organizers to quickly and easily create and keep events compelling by setting regularly held conference calls. Now you can schedule the entire series of calls, PIN numbers stay constant for the series, and have the calls added to your favorite iCal compatible calendar – like Outlook, Google Calendar, or Mac Calendar.

We’re all pretty jazzed about shipping this update, and not just because those three items are three of the most requested updates in the history of our company.  With these additions, we can now play in markets where operator-assisted conference calls are the norm. Operator assisted calls are expensive services that are ordinarily used to conduct press conferences and other high profile events like earnings calls. An operator manages the call, permitting individual callers to speak by unmuting the line in response to a cue from the participant. These calls cost hundreds of dollars – each time. Calliflower can now deliver the same benefits, without the expense of the operator, for a mere $50/month. 

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