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The Progress Project: Nokia and Lonely Planet document mobile innoviation around the globe

The Progress Project is a joint venture between Nokia and Lonely Planet designed to highlight the amazing and diverse ways that mobile technology can impact ordinary people’s lives. It’s a grand vision of mobility, ranging from the ways that mobile devices can be used in urban settings to predict traffic flows or environmental impact, to the impact of mobile devices in rural Brazil and India.

The star of the Progress Project is Lonely Planet writer Frances Linzee Gordon.  A seasoned travel writer, she draws out the best from each of the people, projects and places she visits.  In addition, Nokia brought bloggers in to provide other angles and viewpoints on the project, adding a real social media flavour to the project. 

The first of the Progress Project Videos are online, as well as commentary from bloggers like Alan Reiter and Dina Mehta who participated in the shoot.  Check them out. 

Disclosure: I participated in documenting one of the Progress Project shoots in San Francisco.  Nokia paid for my accommodations and travel expenses to do so.

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  • Suze Woolf September 5, 2009, 2:44 pm

    what a fun project. I'll be trying go-green's mobile tracker.

    I've sent it to friend at Grameen Foundation working on mobile and other apps in subSaharan Africa.

    • Alec September 8, 2009, 12:42 pm

      Reminded me of the stuff we used to work on at Microsoft years ago, Suze.

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