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Make money by upgrading to the iPhone 3GS, only in Canada

When was the last time you got paid to upgrade your phone?

If you were one of the folks who rushed out and bought an iPhone 3G a year ago, and then watched with dismay as Apple delivered the faster, better, stronger iPhone 3GS this past spring, then you’ll be very interested in this news.  You can now upgrade from your iPhone 3G to the equivalent 3GS, and maybe even pocket some money for the effort.

Here’s how it works.

image Rogers is currently running a special promotion whereby you can upgrade your iPhone 3G to a 3GS for $99 (8G), $199 (16G), or $299 (32G).  The only catch is that you have to agree to extend the term of your contract by another year. The upgrade itself is easy, though. Simply visit your local Apple or Rogers store, or give Rogers a call, and upgrade.  I recommend the Apple store, because Rogers seems to be out of stock on iPhone’s across the country.

Next visit Best Buy Canada, and take advantage of their trade-in program.  You can trade in a variety of different mobile phones for Best Buy gift card credit. It turns out that the trade-in on a working 16G iPhone 3G, in the original packaging, with all of the accessories is $227. And the upgrade (purchases at the Apple Store) was just $199.

Presto.  You now have the latest iPhone 3GS in hand, and you made $28 courtesy of Best Buy.


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