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RIM buys TorchMobile, gains modern mobile browser

So there you have it.  RIM acquires TorchMobile, putting to bed the endless complaints about their browser, and fulfilling the promise made just days ago that they would provide an iPhone class browser on BlackBerry by next summer. TorchMobile are none other than the creators of the WebKit-based Iris browser.  The good burghers of Waterloo have at least realized that the browsing experience defines iPhone, and chosen to ditch the sad-sack BlackBerry browser.  BlackBerry users everywhere are no doubt rejoicing!

And how many mobile devices now sport WebKit browsers? Let’s see… Nokia, Apple, Google, Palm, and now RIM.  The odd-man out is, you guessed it, Microsoft.  Yes, the same Microsoft that invented the idea of embedding the rendering engine with IE, and who now clings stubbornly to the “competitive advantage” of owning said same rendering engine.  Too bad, unfortunately, that they’re doing so little to update the Windows Mobile browser, stuck as it is with equivalent capabilities to IE 6.  Blech!

And you know what’s even more embarrassing?  TorchMobile’s Iris was built for the Windows Mobile platform, not the BlackBerry.

So how about it Microsoft?  Are you going to let Windows Mobile continue to stumble along toward ignominious oblivion, or do something to recapture a little of the competitive mojo that you used to have?

Developers, including us, would like to know.

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