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SquawkBox August 13 – FREETALK Everyman

August 13 we had the opportunity to chat with Jim Courtney about the FREETALK Everyman headset.  This low cost headset provides a consistent level of audio quality, including full support for the SILK technology included with Skype for Windows 4.1 and Skype for Mac 2.8, in a format that adds some versatility and is easily packed up and carried around.

I’ve been using one myself for several weeks, and can honestly say that it delivers the goods — high quality audio in a comfortable and packable format, with a unique 3.5mm detachable plug so that it can be used with a music player like an iPod as well.

The conference call was recorded on Calliflower, and slides from the call are still available from the conference call web page (Calliflower account required to view).

On Thursday’s call: Dan York, Jim Courtney, Phil Wolff, Dameon Welch-Abernathy, Andrew Hansen, Luca Filigheddu, Michael Graves, Jason Harris, Yuri Bacas, Mike Padmore, Elke Karskens, Dave Brown, Jeanette Fisher, Brad Jones, Mike Pruyn, Frank Abrams, James Body, Hans, Neil Stratford, EC, Randall Howard, Noam Tomczak, and Mark Thompson.

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