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eComm goes to Amsterdam

After a couple of successful shows in North America, Lee Dryburgh et al are taking the eComm show to Europe October 28 to 30 in Amsterdam.  This will be the third show under Lee’s wing, and if it’s anything like the first two it will be a thought provoking and worthwhile couple of days. 

You can get a gauge of the conference from past event media which rolls out weekly, or see many  past videos at http//eComm.blip.tv.  Also I’d recommend reviewing the site for the March 2009, San Francisco event at http://america.eComm.ec.

And after having reviewed all that, if you decide to attend, purchase your tickets using the code AlecSaundersBlog to get a 20% discount.  Super Early Bird pricing is in effect until the 21st of July. 

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