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Rogers “Pay As You Go” US roaming

The customer service fairy seems to have paid a visit to Rogers recently.  Yesterday, I called and inquired about roaming rates to the US for my trip next week.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that roaming data rates to the US have dropped from $6,000 per gigabyte, and that I could now buy a short term roaming plan for both voice and data.

The details?

$40 will get you 60 roaming minutes in the US, and $60 will get you 120. 

A $10 charge will allow you to roam data at $1 per megabyte. 

So what does that mean in practice?  Normal data usage for me is around 300M per month.  For my 5 days in San Francisco, if I use data normally, I would expect to pay $70.  I also bought the $60 voice plan, and will use that in conjunction with Truphone Anywhere to avoid long distance charges. 

At $130 it’s still expensive, but compared to the $474 I would have paid for the same service six months ago, it’s a steal.  Moreover, it’s much less complex than my previous solutions – local SIMs and unlocking SIM carriers.

And the best part?  No contracts.  The customer service rep set the entire plan to expire in 30 days.  It’s totally pay as you go.

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  • PhoneBoy June 25, 2009, 4:15 am

    AT&T needs to cut a similar deal for us. I think they charge $12/mb for data roaming to Canada, and something like $0.59 a minute for calls (and that's with a $5.99/mo charge for their "World Traveler" plan). They have international data plans also, the smallest is $24.99 for 20mb. They certainly don't expire in 30 days, they auto-renew. 😉

  • Nick Desbarats June 25, 2009, 8:53 am


    Like you said, still pricey, but at least I won’t see dollar signs flashing in my head when I look up the location of a restaurant in NYC…

  • David Brown June 25, 2009, 9:51 am

    I called Rogers yesterday about a billing problem (I changed plans and was automatically signed up for a 2-year contract). The representative was apparently on-shore and surprisingly helpful. Maybe we’re beginning to see the consequence of more competition in Canada!

  • Brad Templeton June 26, 2009, 1:36 am

    T-mobile has a new program which is sort of a prepaid version of postpaid accounts called Flexpay. So in theory you can buy that for a month, but I don’t know what they add to it. You could probably get it for your blackberry, and for $65/month (cheapest plan with unlimited data) get 300 voice minutes and unlimited data.

    Of course they don’t have a plan for the iphone, but you probably could just stick that SIM into your jailbroken iphone. Could check on the web about that. No contract. If you want to go over your block of minutes you can put some money into a prepaid balance to do that, or just buy a bigger block of minutes. Forward your Canadian number to it if you like, or be like me and have a voip number that forwards to whatever cell you are using.

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