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Does VoIP on Facebook make sense?

VoIP on Facebook – Is it Worth? asks whether, after all of the hype months ago about Voice on Facebook, it makes sense to integrate voice applications with the platform.  The writer observes that it’s relatively easy to simply exchange phone numbers.

I can’t speak for the other vendors mentioned in the post, but I will say that a substantial portion of Calliflower’s call volume is still generated from our Facebook application, more than a year after we moved to the web.  Calliflower on Facebook continues to grow at the same pace as our web application, despite the fact that we do no promotion on the Facebook platform as well.

The audience for Calliflower on Facebook are primarily people who are trying to use the Facebook platform as a prospecting tool. They’re seeking to network with individuals and businesses, and host a call with potential customers using Calliflower.  It’s quite a different demographic than the typical Facebook user, but it’s still a strong demographic.  The Facebook for Business group, for example, has over 40,000 members. 

So is it worth integrating with Facebook?  As Andy Abramson said, “[yes], from the perspective of being a call trigger point, not a voice hosting platform.”

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  • PaulSweeney June 15, 2009, 8:31 am

    Totally agree, and much much more to come from it as a “trigger”.

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