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Is there a downside to free conference calls?

Ever wondered what advantages and disadvantages of free conference calling services might be?  Every so often a customer asks me, especially after getting a large long distance bill from their carrier.  Over on the new Calliflower blog I’ve written a guide to evaluating conferencing pricing models for yourself and your business.

The quick summary?

  1. Free services make economic sense for those with light conferencing needs, or those with flat rate long distance plans.  The biggest disadvantage of a free conference call service is that as your usage goes up, so do your costs. 
  2. Toll-free services are convenient, but not economical.  Unless you have an ironclad requirement for national toll-free service, toll-free just doesn’t make sense.  Your costs rise as you use the service, and as your calls become larger.
  3. Flat rate with local calling numbers, which is the Calliflower Premium model, is usually the most economical choice of all.

So check out my posting over on the Calliflower blog, and let me know your thoughts. 

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