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PamFax – no strings attached PC FAX

Just when you think a market must be dead, you learn something new.  For example, did you know that  FAX is a $500 million annual market, and that the growth segment in that market is PC based transmission – growing at 16% annually.  I certainly didn’t.

One of the stalwarts of the PC based faxing world is PamFax.  On Monday they announced PamFax 2.0, which brings a workflow based approach to PC faxing, as well as a the ability to send and receive fax at your PC from 27 different countries.  Installable as a Skype plug-in, a Facebook application, a SalesForce widget, or a Windows Vista sidebar gadget, PamFax is dragging fax into the 21st century.

PamFax pricing is cheap (prepaid) or cheaper (subscription), depending on whether you want to commit to a service term or just send the odd fax.  The first page is free, and each additional page is cheap – much cheaper than say a hotel’s business center.

Jim Courtney has written an extensive review, as well as a little bit of the history of PC based FAX for those inclined to indulge in a trip down memory lane. Anyone remember WinFAX? Jim does too, plus he remembers a few others that I didn’t even know about.

So if you need to FAX on the go check out PamFax.



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