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Managing advertising inventory with Google Ad Manager

Ad blindness is the conscious or subconscious ignorance of advertisements placed into web pages.  As users become blind to ads, the ads themselves simply become less effective.

Recently, I’ve been trying to figure out how to mitigate ad blindness for our Calliflower affiliate ads.  For a while, the ads ran unlimited here, which meant that not only did people see them every time they visited, but I also lost revenue from the advertisements that they replaced.

Now, those Calliflower advertisements are seen a maximum of 3 times per hour by any visitor.  The rest of the time, you see Google advertisements in their place.  For most visitors to the site, they see the Calliflower ads.  But for those who are browsing through the site, they see a mix.

The answer was Google Ad Manager, and here’s what I did to implement it.

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