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The environmental benefit of a conference call. Happy Earth Day!

There’s no denying that some meetings have to be had face to face.  Increasingly, however, people are becoming more willing to have those meetings virtually – via conference call, video conference or some other vehicle. 

Because it’s Earth Day, I thought I’d work up a small calculation for what one of those face to face meetings might cost.  Let’s say, for the sake of example, that my friend Jeff Pulver, myself, iotum co-Founder Howard Thaw, Andy Abramson, and GigaOm founder Om Malik all decide to meet at San Jose’s Computer History Museum to hear a speech by RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis on the topic of battery conservation in wireless mobile devices (something that Mike is an authority on). Oh, and Robert Scoble crashes the party as well with his video camera in tow.

  • I fly from Ottawa
  • Jeff flies from New York
  • Howard flies from Halifax
  • Andy flies from San Diego
  • Om drives from San Francisco
  • Scoble drives from Half Moon Bay
  • and Mike Lazaridis drives from Waterloo to Toronto, and catches a flight to San Jose.

A visit to the handy NativeEnergy.com carbon offset travel calculator reveals that we would have collectively generated 8.6 tons of carbon by travelling 21,402 miles.  Better yet, it shows that we can offset that carbon by buying $126 in carbon credits from NativeEnergy at the paltry price of $15/ton.  That’s a steal compared to some carbon offset vendors!


Or you could spend a lot less money on a conferencing service, or a streaming video solution to hear Mike speak.

We charge $50/month for as many meetings as you want using Calliflower.  No matter how you look at it – whether it’s the $126 environmental offset price, or the actual cost of plane tickets — $50/month is cheap compared to the alternatives.

So think about holding fewer face to face meetings. The planet doesn’t care which conferencing or online meeting tool you use, but we hope you’ll at least give Calliflower, with its organic green color scheme, a good look. 

Happy Earth Day!

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  • Mum April 23, 2009, 9:43 am

    Well done Alec! Keep on plugging! MA

  • Sheryl Breuker April 25, 2009, 4:45 pm

    WOW! Alec I didn't realize how environmentally responsible you are. 😉 Why weren't we included???

    Well, you know we LOVE Calliflower. GREAT idea…seriously!

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