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Making Lemons into Lemonade

Dr Tony BailettiCarleton University Professor Tony Bailetti is out making lemons into lemonade.  In response to the current economic environment, he has dusted off a program he ran in 2002 called “Lead to Win”.  The goal is to take a crop of bright, talented folks with leadership potential and mold them into technology entrepreneurs.  Last time around, this program produced graduates who went on to found Liquid Computing, Nakina Systems, Trigence (AppZero),OnConference, BioPeak,  Congruance IT, Totient Networks, Connectme  TV, Purple Forge, Surve, Wise Eyes, THANN,Phenomena Tech, TenXC, Mobia Communications, Firesnacks, Timeline Interactive, Memoridia, and Babble.

It’s free, but there are only 30 seats available.  If this sounds like something you’d want to do, then get your application in quickly.

Call for talented technology individuals to join Lead to Win

If you are serious about starting a profitable tech-based business in the National Capital Region during the current economic situation, we invite you to apply to Lead to Win (LTW).

The first LTW training session starts May 19, 2009. If you have what it takes, we encourage you to apply immediately. To apply online, please go to www.leadtowin.ca.

LTW is the premier program for talented technology individuals who wish to establish and grow successful businesses in the National Capital Region.

Lead to Win (LTW) is free. In May and June we are investing in 30 talented individuals; each is expected to establish a technology business that can employ at least six knowledge workers over the next three years. We plan to repeat this investment six times during the economic downturn.

LTW has three phases. In the first phase, you provide contact information and answer ten questions. Participants will be selected based on their experience, commitment, and opportunity profile. In the second phase, you participate in an intense six day training program where you will learn how to lever business ecosystems, profitably serve attractive vertical markets, and the key factors that contribute to the ultimate success of a fledgling technology company. Upon completion of this second phase, you will be invited to launch your new technology businesses in the National Capital Region.  In the third phase, LTW connects you to strategic customers, revenue opportunities, and individuals, companies and organizations that can provide requisite resources, including capital. You keep all rights over your business.

The 2009 LTW program builds on the highly successful 2002 LTW program. LTW leverages the assets of the Talent First Network, alumni from the 2002 Lead To Win program, community expertise, and faculty members and graduate students of Carleton University’s Technology Innovation Management program (www.carleton.ca/tim).


Tony Bailetti at Bailetti@sce.carleton.ca or call 613 829 8885.

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