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Follow @asaunders. Ashton Kutcher / CNN SMACK DOWN!

Can anyone stand to sit on the sidelines watching Ashton Kutcher and CNN duke it out for twitter follower supremacy?  No.  Of course.  On the one hand you have Hollywood’s biggest publicity hound ever, and on the other… the faceless man behind the curtain, CNN’s very own Wizard of Oz!

We don’t know if it’s actually Ashton tweeting.  We sure do know that CNN’s tweeter isn’t Ted Turner.

So, follow me.  @asaunders.  I can promise you genuine, funny and heart warmingly original but banal tweets about the tech industry.  In return, help me beat CNN and Ashton Kutcher to the twitter supremacy SMACKDOWN! 1 million followers, HERE I COME!

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  • luca April 16, 2009, 11:19 pm

    Maybe he hits the 1M followers mark, but he's the less engaging person on Twitter. Not interesting for me.

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