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Entrepreneur Magazine picks Calliflower

Entpreneur Magazine dropped me a line a few months back.  They were looking to speak with entrepreneurs who had built web apps.  The article just appeared!  Titled Yes, you can build your own web app, Learn from 5 Entrepreneurs who did it successfully, it profiles Calliflower, MedApps, Ustream.TV, Just Uptime, and OoVoo. 

Here’s what they had to say about Calliflower:

Iotum Calliflower
Founders/ages: Alec Saunders, 45; Howard Thaw, 52
Launched: June 2008
App: A meeting tool that bridges businesses and social networks to allow the planning of and participation in interactive conference calls
Why it works: The solution is all-encompassing: It combines high-quality audio conferencing, scheduling, file sharing and collaboration in an easy-to-use interface.

Cool!  They didn’t have to mention that the CFO’s favorite feature is that Calliflower provides unlimited conference calls for a flat monthly fee. 

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