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Kangaroo TV wins PGA

Kangaroo TV, the Montreal provider of event-based media for sports fans, has just announced that they have won a four year contract with the PGA Tour.  Kangaroo’s video handheld is one of the niftiest devices I’ve seen in a while.  It brings video and data about a sporting event into the hands of spectators attending the event.

For golf fans this agreement means that they’ll no longer have to make a choice between taking a seat at a single hole, or walking the course with a single group of players.   With Kangaroo TV, spectators will have the best of both worlds:  they will be able to experience the on-site excitement while following the players, plus be able to tap into live video coverage, video clips and data feeds that are typically characteristic of TV viewing.  Kangaroo TV’s video handheld enables fans to personalize their viewing, bringing them closer to the action and their favorite players on the course. On-demand updates on key players, the leaders’ scorecards and the most up-to-date leader board will all be available at the touch of a key.

Kangaroo TV is also available at Nascar, Formula 1, and NFL events. 

So why is this interesting to readers of this blog?  You have to see the Kangaroo system in action.  Essentially, at sports venues they set up a multi-channel video and data system that allows their handheld to tune into any video or data feed instantly.  They’re feeding massive amounts of video and data to fans, real time, in the venue.  As one F1 fan I know described it, Kangaroo completely changes the experience of being at the event. 

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