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Cheap international conference calls with Calliflower

International conference calls can be grossly expensive for all parties.  Provide a toll free number, and you’ll be footing the bill for all of those long distance calls.  Force people to dial into a local bridge in your own country, and they’ll be cringing at the international long distance charges they pay.

With Calliflower, we’re solving that problem.  Over time, we’re simply building out a network of international local dial numbers that can access our conference calling service at local rates.  If you’re holding a conference call with people in Sydney, Singapore, and LA then everyone dials a local number and pays only local service rates.  And you?  You pay $50/month for the service for two call organizers, and $25 for every organizer after that.  Some of our customers are saving hundreds of dollars every month versus their previous international conference calling solutions.

That’s why I’m pleased to announce today that we’ve expanded the Calliflower international conference calling network again.  This week we’ve added our first numbers in Bulgaria (Sofia, to be exact), and Sweden, where we brought Stockholm online.  That brings us to 17 countries, and over 60 cities, with more coming every week. Let us know if you need any other cities.


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  • Mona March 8, 2009, 10:32 pm

    Conference Calling service is very good, I am currently using Vopium a VoIP service provider offering Free International mobile Calls, can you tell me is it also works for mobile conference calls?

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