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Squawk Box Feb 27 – Small Computers vs. Big Phones: The Coming War

The title of Friday’s call was Small Computers vs. Big Phones, and the impetus was an issue of Mark Anderson’s Strategic News Service by the same name.  We talked about the coming “war” between smartphones and netbooks, computing in the cloud, and where the intersection between these devices might occur.

Many people expressed the opinion that we would likely be carrying multiple devices, depending on context, and thus were inclined to dismiss the idea that a war might be coming as hyperbole. 

Nevertheless, there’s certainly jockeying for position going on as TI prepares to ship 1W multi-core processors, operating system vendors duke it out, and the device manufacturers themselves battle for the hearts and minds of consumers. 

Friday’s conference call was recorded on Calliflower.  In attendance: Tim Panton, Carl Ford, Jonathan Greene, Brad Jones, Bill Volk, Jim Courtney, Doug Renert, Kim Dushinski, Barlow Keener, Sheryl Breukrer, Ken Camp, Todd Spraggins, Sergio Meinardi, Misha Nossik, and Aga Magdolen.


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