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Jim Courtney’s voice has a new home on the web.

A familiar voice is speaking from a new “net” podium these days.  You may know Jim Courtney for his insightful writing at Skype Journal.  Yesterday Jim bade farewell to Skype Journal, and took the wraps off his new Voice on the Web blog. 

In his inaugural post he writes:

Let me tell you about the objectives for Voice On The Web:

  • To provide an ongoing weblog featuring editorial opinions, commentary on the business aspects of emerging communications, product and service reviews, as well as tips for using Skype and other IP-based and mobile communications offerings
  • To encourage constructive and informative dialogue that engages Voice On The Web readers, initially through Comments.
  • To provide a reference guide for the implementation of Skype and other IP-based communications tools and services
  • To provide both consumers and businesses with a site for learning more about the background behind the features and benefits of emerging communications technology
  • To take advantage of the power of the WordPress platform and ecosystem. Simply stated, WordPress makes it possible not only to support blogging activity in many ways but also to develop complete websites comprising dynamic blog posts and static content. (Hint: I will soon be involved in a couple of new websites that have nothing to do with emerging communications simply because of both the power and low costs associated with WordPress.)

Visit the site, and check out the huge volume of content (and very pretty template).  Congratulations Jim! 

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