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CATA makes Calliflower available to 28,500 members

The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance has announced today that they have adopted Calliflower as part of their Web 2.0 Office. As part of the agreement,  not only will CATA use Calliflower for its own calls, CATA will also market Calliflower to its 28,500 members, becoming the first official reseller of Calliflower.  This is our first step in building an affiliate marketing channel for Calliflower, and CATA is our first affiliate member. 

We first started working with John Reid and the CATA team last summer as they were building a showcase for Web 2.0 office technologies that they described as the “Bedouin Office”.  The momentum to do this deal was really enhanced by their successful internal use, making for a really basis to launch Calliflower as a member benefit.  In John’s own words:

"We particularly like the Calliflower Web interface— it’s an easy to use, interactive dashboard that makes organizing and participating in multiparty calls simple and engaging. There is also a richer call management feature set compared to our previous service. We save thousand of dollars while adding Web 2.0 collaboration power."

In today’s environment what could be better than saving thousands of dollars, and getting more for your money at the same time?

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  • CATA Alliance February 2, 2009, 5:11 am

    Many companies are unware of the role CATA plays in helping to brand, promote and qualify sales leads. We have some very extensive databases and are also tied to RSS feeds. Its a unique model for a trade associations because in addition to using our communication tools for advocacy we provide them to our members for their benefit. Its all about working together for business growth. Yes we are open to new ideas as part of creating our Web 2.0 model office.


  • MGU February 3, 2009, 12:32 pm

    Congratulations! Dad

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