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Advertising comes to Twitter


Image by GusF via Flickr

Advertising has finally come to twitter, although not via the Twitter gang.  Be-A-Magpie is an ad network for twitter users.  It works by inserting an advertisement into your twitter stream periodically, which your followers then see.  As a “publisher” you get paid for each posted to your twitter feed.

My initial reaction was negative.  There is already so much noise on twitter that it’s difficult to see everything that whistles by on the screen.  However, I have to admit to being curious about how this will be received.  Will others see it as a negative?

For the next week or two I’ll be experimenting with Be-A-Magpie, keeping a close eye on reactions, including un-follows and whether or not the earnings can actually be achieved.  The way this will work is as follows:  every 10th post to twitter from me will trigger an advertisement tweeted into my follow stream by Be-A-Magpie.  Every other day, Be-A-Magpie will also send out a referral link from me.

Let me know what you think – good and bad.

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