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Pulver’s SocComm. Feb 10, NYC

Jeff Pulver is back at it again.  His newest venture is SocComm, the Social Communications Summit.  The topics at SocComm will span across: Media / Internet / Communications / Entertainment, something he calls the “MICE” space. SocComm will have a mixture of individual talks, on-stage interviews / conversations and a number of group chat sessions.

This one day event presents a pot-pourri of speakers ranging from David Kirkpatrick, Senior Editor at Fortune to Gary Vaynerchuck of Wine Library TV.  It deals with everything from content to policy.

Jeff’s rationale for the event? Here’s what he had to say:

We are living in a time where our phones have become social communication devices.

Presence is quickly becoming the trigger point for communication. I grew up in an era where the dial-tone on my home phone meant something to me. Today and in the future I believe that Presence is the new Dial-tone and that more and more communication sessions will happen because of presence. The evolution of presence has huge implications for a number of industries, including: advertising, media and telecom.

February 10, New York City.


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