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Squawk Box January 16: Windows 7 Beta

It had been seven days since the Windows 7 beta was released so it seemed fitting that we talk about it. Last Friday morning we discussed Windows 7, people’s experience with it, and the controversies surrounding it.

Several people on the call were running Windows 7, on a variety of platforms ranging from netbooks to Mac’s and various Windows machines.  We talked about various aspects of the experience, including the Device Stage. The consensus was that the OS was fast, lighter-weight than Windows Vista, and stable. 

We also discussed a few of the controversies:

  • What does Windows 7 mean for Ubuntu?
  • Should Microsoft have used BitTorrent to manage the download?
  • What will Microsoft do with Windows 7 and the burgeoning netbook market?

On the Calliflower Conference Call: Jonathan Greene, Jonathan Jensen, Jim Courtney, Frank Abrams, Mike Pruyn, Dan York, Maxim, Sergio Meinardi, Jeb Brilliant, Rob Enderle, Dave Michels, and Chuck Willemsen.

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