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BT gains a Telco 2.0 bright light.

Congratulations are in order for STL Partners Chief Analyst Martin Geddes who joins British Telecom as Head of Strategy.  Long time readers will know Martin as the brains behind Telco 2.0, the author of the Telepocalypse blog, and one of the brightest lights in the emerging telecom community. 

Well done Martin!

And none other than Andy Abramson predicted that something like this might happen 10 days ago, when he wrote:

1. Martin Geddes-Without question, Martin is the player to pick. His insight, foresight and ability to assess, target and pinpoint what’s next are the skills the super carrier need to have or even for them to be really 2.0. Martin will be the ideal dealmaker, playmaker and most of all, the ideal out-thinker of the competition at every match. Now that BT has Ribbit, Geddes is either the Messiah for another company or the Moses to bring the promise to the promised land.

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