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Windows 7: That Ol’ Black Magic?

One of the monitors on my desk at the office has been logged in, via remote desktop, to my home PC all day long.  Why?  Well, at home we have a nice fat internet pipe, and I’ve been waiting for my chance to download the Windows 7 beta.  Unfortunately, Microsoft appears to have been caught flat footed by the interest.  Earlier in the day, for example, I tried to go to the Technet site and discovered that the servers there had been flattened by the load.  And at this point in time, the official public download has still to make it’s appearance… over 3 hours after it was supposed to.

I’m a little disappointed, but not surprised.  Clearly PC enthusiasts, having snubbed Windows Vista, are dying to give Windows 7 a test drive.  The last time I recall Microsoft servers being flattened due to demand created by interest in an operating system was… Windows 95.  Yup.  It has been a long time since I’ve seen this level of interest in a new OS.

Good luck to the folks in Redmond.  It looks like That Ol’ Black Magic might be back.

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