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A closer look at VoicePHP

I confess that I gave TringMe’s new offering, VoicePHP, a quick once over last week, and didn’t spend nearly enough time with it.  Perhaps it was the pitch that included the line “Everything else remains the same in PHP except that echo, print now speaks!”.  Nevertheless, I had a closer look at it this morning.  VoicePHP looks like it might be the answer for those looking to create a quick and dirty voice app using a familiar programming language.

VoicePHP is an implementation of PHP that allows voice input to be captured, and voice output to be played back to a user.  Accessed via a telephone, it would be well suited to creating applications that are traditionally built with IVR systems.  The big advantage is that using VoicePHP to write a voice app is no different from writing any other kind of PHP application, and that means that millions of programmers already know how to do it.  TringMe has also added some specialized APIs for call control, text messaging, and a few other telephony specific functions.  For PHP programmers these shouldn’t be a stretch. 

Thumbs up!  This is another welcome addition to the lexicon of programming languages that can now be used to create voice applications. 

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  • Yusuf Motiwala January 7, 2009, 7:12 am

    Thanks for the coverage Alec. Would love if you try out our beta and provide some feedback.


  • voipusers January 7, 2009, 7:32 am

    Alec I'm glad you mentioned this because it is our subject this Friday 12 Noon on Voip Users Conference. We hope to have Yusuf with us and I hope to have more time to look at what's on offer, but I like the idea for the same reasons you give.


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