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Using Social Media to raise $5,000 for homeless kids and promote eComm ‘09

What do you do if you’re trying to:

  1. Help homeless people.
  2. Test the effectiveness of social media awareness campaigns.
  3. Promote an upcoming conference.

Well, if you’re Lee Dryburgh, you craft an experiment.  Lee’s trying to construct an opt-in mailing list for the eComm 2009 conference.  He’s calculated the cost of buying and filtering an opt-in email list, and will donate that cost to the Shelter Network instead, using social media techniques instead to achieve his goal.  

He’s asked a group of social media gurus (see the list below) to help, and he’s asked the rest of us to “blog this, Twitter this, email this to friends, IM it, Facebook share it, Digg it, Reddit – anything and everything across the social media space that you think could be effective.”

Adam Broitman, Ayelet Noff, Ben Grossman, Brian Reich, Brian Solis, Carlos Hernandez, Chris Brogan, Chris Heuer,David Berkowitz, Eric Weaver, Gradon Tripp, Greg Verdino, Howard Greenstein,Laura Fitton, Jeff Pulver, Jeffrey Sass, Jeremiah Owyang, Jeremy Vaught, Jim Benson, Justin Levy, Rebecca Bollwitt, Robert Scoble, Robin Good, Steve Rubel,Susan Etlinger and Tim O’Reilly.

So far eight of these folks have responded!  Good on you Lee.

So how about it folks?  Let’s blog it, twitter it, email it, IM it, share it, Digg it, Reddit….

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  • cathy January 4, 2009, 5:51 pm

    wow this is brilliant,giving,savvy and effective I'm sure. Can't wait to hear abt the results.ccolmenar@yahoo.com

  • Pam Tomlinson June 30, 2009, 1:22 pm

    I have been trying to raise money for homeless children through facebook and other social networking sites..

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