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SquawkBox December 9: InnerPass

InnerPass Logo 16-12-08 200px On December 9 we talked with InnerPass Executives Steve Parsloe and Bill Trail about the launch of their Inner Pass “Share, Collaborate, Communicate” Certified Skype Extra – a web-based persistent document sharing service that supports conversation and collaboration activity by invoking Skype voice services and Instant Messaging (chat) as well as screen sharing. A basic use case scenario would be where a project administrator or team manager creates a virtual “meeting room” with a set of project- or task-related documents, such as engineering drawings or legal contracts. The host can then invite other team members or individuals that he wants to have access to the room. The documents are accessible at any time by the meeting room members whom also have the ability to upload their own files and add additional participants. The files can be stored for as long as they are needed for the project and controlled with a version management process. When the relevant team wants to hold real time conversations they can either launch an “instant ad hoc conversation” or schedule a meeting and launch a conference call and/or team chat session via Skype’s multi-party calling and group chat services. Team members can be brought into voice conference sessions via either Skype or SkypeOut.

For this call Steve hosted a desktop sharing presentation that demonstrated how rooms were created and how conference conversations (voice and/or chat) were set up. InnterPass is a hosted work or community team-building service with additional tools for screen sharing, email, inviting and removing team members as well as the level of member participation permitted. Since its mid-October launch there have been over 42,000 downloads of their Skype Certified version.

During the call there is mention of a GoToMeeting session; while we could not record that, the PowerPoint deck used at that session is attached.

On the Calliflower Conference Call today: Jim Courtney (Moderator), James Body, Bill Trail, Steve Parsloe, William Volk, and Sergio Meinardi .

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