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Mobivox’ move in voice CRM

Under CEO Peter Diedrich’s guidance, Mobivox has been slowing transforming itself for some months.  Beginning with their announcement of the Mobivox|PL voice services platform in September, the company has revealed an impressive series of customer wins.

And now the next phase of their evolution is being revealed.  In Telecom CRM 2.0, Diedrich makes the case for Voice CRM (customer relationship management).  He writes:

Every time end users – whether our own or those of our partners – access our platform, they ‘talk’ with a personalized and provider-branded voice assistant. Placing a call, creating an entry in the hosted address book, dictating and sending an SMS or email message, or conferencing are all done through a Voice Assistant. In essence, a natural dialogue with the customer. This in effect presents an opportunity to ‘talk back’.

In Mobivox’ whitepaper Voice Activated Mobile Services Platform the company elaborates, noting:

Extensive user data is gained and stored on the platform to be exploited for user  experience and customer relationship management purposes; data is used at the discretion of the partner. Data elements include but are not limited to:
• Home location
• Registered phone numbers
• Call origination, destination and duration patterns
• Feature usage data
• Inventory of contacts (including quantity and location information)
• Spend patterns
• Language preferences
• VUI interaction behaviors and preferences

How the carrier partner chooses to use that information is discretionary, but the whitepaper outlines a number of possible use cases, including upsell conversion, payments and more.

They’re only scratching the surface, of course.  Once you understand a little about customer behaviour, the opportunities to mine call detail records and other kinds of user data being collected become truly limitless.

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