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Microsoft’s confusing file synch story


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Microsoft sent mail to Foldershare users late in November to let them know that an upgrade was finally coming.  Foldershare is the folder synchronization tool acquired from ByteTaxi in 2005, and except for minor updates, it has remained mostly unchanged since then.  In December, however, it will be renamed Windows Live Sync, and finally integrated with the rest of the Windows Live universe.

Frankly, I’m confused, and I’m not alone. I’m currently using both Foldershare and Live Mesh and have been actively working toward a complete cut over of my Foldershare installation to Mesh.  Mesh is a complete superset of the Foldershare functionality, with the added ability for users to access PC’s remotely, store files in the cloud and a set of platform APIs.

Can someone shed some light on Microsoft’s confusing synchronization story, please?

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