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SquawkBox November 21: OnState Communications

Friday morning we talked with OnState Communications CEO Pat Kelly about the launch of the OnState Virtual PBX service, a hosted PBX that extends to include handling of Skype calls, whether Skype-to-Skype or involving SkypeIn numbers or SkypeOut. OnState’s Virtual PBX uses much of the software and architecture developed for their OnState Call Center service. Basically it will receive calls from the PSTN (including wireless phones), a toll-free (“800”) number, Skype or SkypeIn and can direct them to designated recipients, whether on Skype, a traditional fixed line handset or a wireless phone.

Pat included a presentation that covered schematically how their Virtual PBX service works and compares it with traditional PBX services. It also includes enhanced features, such as call queuing. You can view the presentation as a sharable Google document here.

On the Calliflower Conference Call today: Jim Courtney (Moderator), Jeb Brilliant, Brad Jones, Pat Kelly, Tom Orr, William Volk, Sergio Meinardi and Yusuf Motiwala.

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